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Look for a company with a history of financial stability and a reputation for customer satisfaction. Be sure to choose a company that gives helpful advice and that makes you feel comfortable. A lender that has the authority to approve and process your loan locally is preferable since it will be easier for you to monitor the status of your application and ask questions. Plus, it's beneficial when the lender knows home values and conditions in the local area. Do research and ask family, friends, and your real estate agent for recommendations. Go to the lender's office and interview the loan officer or manager. As lenders, we can tell you that while we are often busy, it is refreshing when a purchaser or potential client takes an interest in how we handle our business. Your initial impression is usually right. Be sure you are comfortable with the answers you receive to the questions you ask. If you visit with a loan officer on the phone or in person and are confused, it is best to keep interviewing until you find someone who can communicate with you clearly about the details of your transaction. Be cautious about selecting a lender who has the "lowest rate in town." Most lenders will vary only slightly from day to day in the interest rates they offer. Take all the extra time you need to shop for your lender. You will be up-close and personal with your lender for quite some time.
The first step in securing a loan is to complete an initial loan application. The initial application interview is the key to the loan process going smoothly and closing on time. After you have signed and returned the Intent to Proceed disclosure, your loan officer will obtain all pertinent documentation from you, so as to avoid unnecessary problems and delays. Additional documentation is often required as your lender moves forward in the process. The extent of additional documentation will be determined largely by your past history and credit record. During the application process, the lender will order a credit report from a credit reporting agency and a professional appraisal of the property you want to purchase.
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