Which Certainty Home Loans product works for you?

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

You are planning to sell or refinance your home in 5-7 years, or you want lower monthly payments for the first years of your mortgage.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages generally have a lower interest rate, which means you’ll have lower monthly payments for a predetermined period of years.

Conventional, Fixed Rate Home Loan

You have good credit and a downpayment saved.

These mortgage loans offer several repayment period terms. Different repayment terms offer different, mortgage rates. Their fixed interest rates are desired by many because the principal payment and interest rate does not increase over time.

Jumbo Mortgage

You want to borrow above the home loan limit in your area.

Loans that exceed government limits—Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac—are called Jumbo Loans. They are often used to purchase higher balanced homes and can carry higher interest rates and points.

FHA Loan

You are a first-time home buyer, want a low down payment or have concerns about your credit score.

FHA Loans generally involve a lower down payment compared to conventional mortgages but the loan amount may have limitations.

VA Home Loan

You are a U.S. military veteran or in active military service.

VA loans often deliver great benefits for eligible veterans and their families, such as the possibility of zero down payment and seller-paid closing costs.

USDA Home Loan

You want to purchase a home in a rural area.

If you're thinking of buying a home in a rural area but not sure how you can afford it, these loans could help. They were created by the federal government to help low-to-moderate income families afford a home in rural areas.

Financial Assistance Loans

You earn a low to moderate income and need financial assistance to cover your downpayment.

Many state and local governments sponsor home loan programs that can make it more affordable for first-time home buyers, low-to-medium income residents, teachers, and first responders to purchase their primary residence.