Fall In Love With Your Home All Over Again

Love is in the air and Certainty Home Loans is committed to helping you feel the love.... for your home. Check out these remodeling tips to help you fall in love with your home all over again.

  • Shower Upgrades – These upgrades to your shower will add a little steam to your Valentine's Day.
    • A programmable thermostat to keep a constant temperature
    • Low-flow showerheads to reduce water usage while providing the same water pressure
    • Additional showerheads to increase water flow
    • Shower benches for relaxing
  • Romantic Bedroom – The bedroom is a sanctuary for most people, and we want you to love this room even more. Repaint the room a romantic color like red or eggplant or add furniture where you can relax. If you have the space, add an attached bathroom for additional privacy.
  • Expanded Closet – Additional storage space is a gift that will keep on giving. If you don't have the space to expand the size of your closet space, consider installing built-in shoe racks, and hanging rods and shelving so that every item has its place.
  • Cozy Fireplaces – Installing a fireplace is a great way to heat up your Valentine’s Day. If you have a traditional wood-burning fireplace, consider inserting a gas fireplace, energy efficient wood-burning or wood pellet fireplace. Alternatively, a plug-in electric fireplace can provide an authentic-looking flame with heat.
  • New Lighting – Installing dimmers on your lights can help to set a romantic mood, and lowering the brightness extends the life of bulbs while saving energy and money.
  • Surround Sound – Listen to relaxing music from every room in your home with surround sound. You could run speaker wires through the ceilings and walls, and hook up a pair of speakers. If you’re looking for a less expensive option, consider installing a wireless system yourself, distributing music by a computer routing into small player boxes in each room.

If your home renovation ideas are more extensive, Certainty Home Loans offers refinancing for a remodel. Please contact a mortgage professional in your state to discuss your ideas.

- Feb 14, 2019